The Poop Deck Project


Last Tuesday evening saw the launch party of Ammo magazine and InkyGoodness‘ joint show at the Coningsby gallery in London. I went along to see my piece and to quaff some rum.



The venue quickly filled up as a lot of people came to see the artwork for the Poop deck playing cards, and the beer mat illustrations which adorned one half of the gallery.




this part of the exhibition was incredibly varied, with lots of different styles, and lots of different subject matter. In fact some beer mats were just completely impractical. No way could you rest a pint on some of them. Which would be a good thing because they were beautiful, and also a tad more expensive than what you get down at your local pub.


The Playing cards part held it’s own though, with a wide and varied selection too from over fifty illustrators from around the world.



With a central marine based theme, each suite was a variation, so there was one suite of pirates, one of sea creatures, and one that I was in, Royal Navy Officers.


Here’s my little fella as he was on the night, and here he is again, becoming a jack in the deck of cards.


The deck of cards was a massive hit, selling out on the first night.

A great show and a great night created by all the people at Ammo and Inkygoodness. It runs at the Coningsby for the rest of the week, get there if you have the chance.



About Donough O' Malley

Irish Illustrator based in the UK.
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