The legend of the bush sitting lady

olive_oil_illustrationI am currently working on a fresh batch of illustrations for Wine Republic magazine and thought I would share a recent cover until the latest is completed. While I am sure the Argentineans have a lovely phrase in Spanish to describe this legend, I’m going to call it the legend of the bush sitting lady.  This illustration was for the cover of the magazine that was looking into the olive oil industry of Argentina and the legend of how it came to be. Many many moons ago the Spanish rulers where not very pleased with the burgeoning  domestic industry and saw imports from the homeland dropping sharply. So to combat it, they decided to decimate every olive grove in all the colonies of South America. Legend has it that a smart local lady hid one small tree up her rather large flouncy skirt, and saved the Argentine oil industry. What a lady, sticking it to the man, giving me a great image to draw and guaranteeing Argentines pouring litres of the stuff on salads for generations to come!


About Donough O' Malley

Irish Illustrator based in the UK.
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