Blind wine tasting

wine-tasting-illustrationWell I have been fierce quiet on here lately, and that’s because I’ve been incredibly busy getting this cover illustration, and more, finished in time to celebrate Wine Republic‘s tenth birthday. Let’s see what else I’ve been up to shall we?


To celebrate their ten years in publication, the good people at the magazine are organising a series of blind wine tasting events in the heart of malbec country, Mendoza.


The brief was, well, brief. “It’s blind wine tasting, what can you do for it?”  So nothing to do but roll up the sleeves, sharpen the pencils, drink some wine and draw a lot of people looking like they are at a party at 2am in the morning.

wine-illustration-3As with all the Wine Republic jobs I’ve done, this one was also incredible fun. The editors are great in the sense they let me do what I want (within reason) and as long as there is a sense of fun, they are more than happy. As am I. And that feeling is something I think any illustrator would happily raise a glass to. Before pouring it down their fronts.



About Donough O' Malley

Irish Illustrator based in the UK.
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