Difunta Correa- The art of Superstition


At long last I can share with the world my piece for the upcoming Art of Superstition exhibition. The group show with members of Illustrators Ireland starts this Friday at the Copper House Gallery in Dublin, of which more details can be found here. The theme was  around superstitions and the like, so I settled on the story of ‘Difunta Correa’.

Difunta Correa is an unofficial and popular saint of Argentina. Legend has it that this lady went in search of her husband, who had been conscripted into the army. She died from thirst in the desert but days afterwards gauchos discovered her baby alive, still breast feeding on her body. Since then, dotted along the dusty desert roads of Argentina are shrines to this patron saint of truck drivers, where people place bottles of water for her eternal thirst, in the hope she will guide them safely on their journey.

As luck would have it, just after I had finished this piece I was contacted from Wine Republic magazine about the next cover for them. The main topic of this issue was the area of San Juan, and, Difunta Correa. With a little bit of tweaking I soon produced this cover for them.


I recommend to anyone who is free in Dublin this Friday, or the week after, to get themselves down to see an amazing show, and take home a fabulous print if you so desire!


About Donough O' Malley

Irish Illustrator based in the UK.
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