Richard Hammond’s Great Mysteries of the World

hammond-cover-my-blogAfter having to keep this project under wraps for nearly a year, this week finally sees the release of the Top Gear presenter’s latest book, which I did the interior illustrations for.


Published on Thursday by Random HouseMr Hammond‘s book covers a variety of mysteries from around the world. From Yetis to aliens, werewolves to vampires, The Bermuda triangle to El Dorado, this large volume tackles each mystery as a case to be investigated and leaves the reader to draw their own conclusions.


Heavily illustrated throughout with photographs and my doodles, the book takes a fun and fresh look at some tales that are old and well known such as the Marie Celeste.


Originally commissioned as four separate volumes covering different areas, the single edition released this week brings all of them together to create a chunky book.


The images asked for were very wide and varied, keeping my fun and interest levels high all the way through the project. One minute I could be drawing Vlad the Impaler, the next minute a map of the Caribbean, or even an intergalactic traveller.



A lot of the illustrations consisted of maps, quite a few of them actually, so I’m getting to be a dab hand at impersonating a cartographer with a shaky hand!


A great project to work on, and now I have to turn my hand to doing the illustrated covers for the four separate volumes that are coming out next year.



About Donough O' Malley

Irish Illustrator based in the UK.
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One Response to Richard Hammond’s Great Mysteries of the World

  1. Alex Hurst says:

    What fun illustrations!

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