St Louis magazine illustrations


Fresh off the presses and straight into the shops are these illustrations I did for St. Louis magazine.


Covering whats on and what’s important in the U.S. city, the aptly titled magazine has brought out an education special this month. I got the call back in January asking if I could contribute four illustrations for four different articles.


The topics were varied, from holding kids back at school(see top illustration) teaching tenacity in kids(see second illustration) to drugs education (see above, there is a crocodile or krokodil reference, google it!) and recent graduates thoughts on what the employment market held for them (see below).


The deadline was tight for both roughs and final images, less than a week to get them all done. But once you crack the first image, the rest just kinda come. The editors were kind enough to post me over a copy too, so I can keep up to date with where to eat and what’s going on in the city of St. Louis!


About Donough O' Malley

Irish Illustrator based in the UK.
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One Response to St Louis magazine illustrations

  1. TommySW says:

    I really like the use of halftone, and the lovely toe dipping in the water- very expressive!

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