Wine Republic magazine cover


The next issue of Wine Republic magazine Argentina is just out, and again I was lucky enough to grace the cover, and bombard the interior with some of my illustrations.


This issue is called the bucket list, compiling all the best things to do, where to go, and most importantly what to eat and drink in the wine capital Mendoza.


For those that have never been, Mendoza in the west of Argentina is a haven for incredible wines, and, like the rest of the country, incredible steaks. It was a no brainer to include a big beefy steak into the bucket, but other culinary delights I was asked to include were such things as choripan(really gooood) lomitos(dangerously gooood) dulce de leche(sickingly goood) and the national beverage, maté.


Mendoza is also rapidly becoming famous for it’s outdoor activities, being situated at the foothills of the Andes and in the shadow of the massive Aconcagua. It’s now just as famous for its mountain climbing, paragliding, rafting and biking as it is for its malbec.


I’m hoping to make it back there at some stage, and while I may give the exhilarating and terrifying activities a miss, I will definitely be indulging in a fine bife de chorizo.



About Donough O' Malley

Irish Illustrator based in the UK.
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