Steve Cole’s Secret Agent Mummy

secret agent mummy1

This Thursday sees the launch of a book I recently illustrated, ‘Secret Agent Mummy‘ by Steve Cole.

secret agent mummy2Steve is the author of the massively successful ‘Astrosaurs‘ series, and the current writer of the also hugely popular ‘Young James Bond‘ books. So I was very chuffed to be asked to scribble away in the first of this series for Random House.secret agent mummy3

This book has got everything in it, from a time travelling mummy, to brainwashed baboons, and a right nasty evil sorcerer from another dimension. secret agent mummy4

And this is all what a young lad called Niall has to put up with, or at least stop his mum from finding out.secret agent mummy5

A complete departure from the recent editorial work I’ve been doing, it was nice to get back to doing some straight forward black and white ink work. Although drawing a baboon’s arse can be a bit tricky sometimes.secret agent mummy6Steve recently gave a reading and signing session at the Hay festival of Secret Agent Mummy, and is busily writing book number two in the series. So expect some more ancient Egyptian action very soon.



About Donough O' Malley

Irish Illustrator based in the UK.
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One Response to Steve Cole’s Secret Agent Mummy

  1. “…Drawing a baboon’s arse can be a bit tricky sometimes” Haha!! I’d say so. Trying to portray the sheer OBVIOUSNESS of those bulbous buns without getting wrapped up in too much detail. rather you than me Donough 🙂

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