Pop up restaurants-Wine Republic magazine


As the summer continues to zip by, here is some of the work I’ve just completed for the next issue of Wine Republic magazine.


The next issue of the Argentinian magazine is about the closed door restaurant scene in Mendoza.


In the city there are a bunch of closed door, pop up restaurants in people’s homes which are great for intimate dinner parties, and a good way for the owners to avoid paying the taxman. Seeing as what the current economic situation is in the country, it’s not surprising the increase in their popularity. But even elsewhere they are popping up(pardon the pun), in fact my neighbour over here hosts a monthly regular.



The editors asked for some fun imagery, and pointed towards at least one illustration being in the shape of a keyhole, as if we are peeking into what goes on behind the closed doors of these informal eateries.


For a change, I was asked to deliberately leave lots of white space around the main image for the cover and the interior illustration. Which left a dilemma to the editors as they liked both enough to go on the cover. Guess I’ll find out next month which one will grace the exterior.


About Donough O' Malley

Irish Illustrator based in the UK.
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