Ink Dot Print’s Mandala project


Next Friday 24 October I’ll be taking part in Ink Dot Print‘s Mandala project, a group exhibition involving lots of different illustrators and designers doing a great big group piece.  Here’s a bit of a blurb about the show:

“A couple of months ago, when the weather was a little warmer, Ink dot set up a project to make a collaborative “Mandala”. The idea was to make one image created by 18 different artists. Each artist would contribute their piece without seeing what the other artists had done. A big version of ‘consequences’ if you like.

In the spirit of school holidays, long days stretching ahead with lots of time to doodle, 18 illustrators, designers and mark makers applied to submit an artwork for the project.Working in total secrecy, artists from Bristol, Ireland and Sweden submitted their creation for the Ink dot mandala (a vast circle, made up of interconnecting dashes, dots and rings).

It is now time for the grand reveal!

None of the artists have seen the final image yet, so come along and join them for the launch. Come and see how all of the designs come together to create a wonderful, crazy image, flavoured by 18 different approaches and styles.

Prints will be available to purchase and any print sale profits will go to Kids Company, who provide practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner-city children.”

I, like everyone else involved, have not seen the finished piece yet,( and can’t reveal my input yet) so if you would like to see it for the first time, join me with everyone else next Friday at The Station in Bristol. Kick off time is 6pm so hope to see you there!



About Donough O' Malley

Irish Illustrator based in the UK.
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